Sebastian Maas

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*1984 Aachen
2013–2020 Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, Meisterschüler Prof. Karin Kneffel
Lives and works in Berlin

Solo exhibitions

2023 Distant Belongings (Duo), 68projects, Berlin
2022 Signals, Galloire Art Gallery, Dubai, VAE
  Urban Picnic, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
  About a Horse and a Bird, Galerie Heldenreizer, Munich
2021 Lab, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
2020 Zeitzeugen, Galerie Heldenreizer, Munich

Group exhibitions

2023 Cherries On Top, Galerie Judith Andreae, Bonn
2022 Untitled Art Miami Beach, Galerie Kornfeld, Miami, USA
Art Dubai, Galerie Heldenreizer, Dubai, VAE
2021 Cling Together Swing Together, Galerie Noah, Augsburg
2020 Diplomausstellung AdbK, Munich
Must See, Galerie Filter & Gräf, Munich
Münchner Meisterklasse, Kunstforum Münchner Bank
2019 Nachts Allein Im Atelier #6, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
Mnemosyne, Galerie Filser & Gräf, Munich
Angst, Galerie Heldenreizer, Munich
Moment, Kunstverein St. Sebastianskapelle Ulm
L'artiste Devant Sa Toile, Kunstverein Marburg
Open End, Katholische Akademie Munich
2018 Unklassisch, Galerie Heldenreizer, Munich
Four Edge Circle, Klasse Kneffel, Munich
Touchpoint Digi, H&Z Munich
Auktionshaus Neumeister, Munich
2017 Boxenstop 1, Pinakothek Der Moderne, Graphische Sammlung Munich
Frei-Sing-Sing, Kunstverein Altes Gefängnis, Freising
2016 Pop-Up Galerie Maximillianstraße "Max33" mit Versteigerung von Sotheby's
2015 Mit Leib Und Seele, Kunsthalle Munich
Faces, Galerie Braun Falco, Munich
Rundgang AdbK, Munich

Sebastian Maas reflects on the question of the "classical" at the level of materiality, subject matter, and formal language. Instead of traditional canvas, Maas often works with his own color mixtures on loose truck tarpaulins, which he nobilizes, as it were, as an everyday object through the act of painting or the applied painting. In doing so, he deliberately draws on works by recognized masters that are significant in terms of material and motif history, which he transfers into a completely new formal language with a brushstroke characterized by spontaneity and lightness. The masterpiece, previously surrounded by the aura of the unapproachable, is thus transformed into an intimate, very personal art object that seems to shed its classicism in favor of an open dialogue with the viewer.