Nadine Wölk


*1979 in Jena
2001–2008 Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, master student Prof. Martin Honert
  Lives and works in Dresden

Solo exhibition

2017 nightglow, Galerie Himmel, Dresden
2014 Key Groups, Galerie Ines Schulz, Dresden
  YOLO, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
2012 See Yeah ... Again, Galerie PopArtPirat, Berlin
2011 See Yeah, Galerie PopArtPirat, Hamburg
2010 Colours of Night, Projektraum am Weißen Hirsch, Dresden
2008 Delected Scenes – Nighthawks, Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal

Group exhibition

2018 Blickwechsel, Galerie Himmel, Dresden
2017 NEON. NIGHTHAWKS. GLOW IN THE DARK, Galerie drei, Dresdner Sezession 89 e.V., Dresden
  The Delft Project, Werksgalerie Kreative Werkstatt e.V., Dresden
  Colours of Night II, Rathausgalerie Roßwein, Roßwein
2016 NEON BLACK, produzenten galerie, Dresden
  NEO NOIR, Galerie Budissin, Bautzner Kunstverein e.V., Bautzen
2014 6 Künstler – 6 Kunstakademien, Sparkasse Karlsruhe Ettlingen, Karlsruhe
Portraits, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Berlin
2013 Nighthawks, Miachaela Helfrich Galerie, Berlin
2012 Made in Germany, mit Galerie PopArtPirat, London
2011 Nachts allein im Atelier, Galerie PopArtPirat, Hamburg
2010 2. Eberhard – Dietzsch – Kunstpreis, Gera
2009 wasistdas, Gruppenausstellung parallel zur FIAC, Paris
  Mal was Deutsches, Hangar 7, Salzburg
  Zitate. Nach allen Regeln der Kunst, Vonderbank ArtGalleries, Berlin
2007 FREMDE, Galerie Adlergasse, Dresden
Von der Schönheit des Alltäglichen, Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal


Nadine Wölk plays with the different levels of perception of the painterly representation, in which she extends traditional techniques with modern means of expression. In her new works, painting seems to enter into a dialogue with photography and youth culture more than before. It is no longer an examination of the childhood past, but a kind of documentation of the present, in which the fleetingness of moments and experiences is thematized. [...] The question of the retrievability of subconscious experiences comes to the fore. In this context, Wölk makes use of the documentary quality of the photograph as a depiction of reality, while at the same time pointing out that the associated memory is inevitably to be found outside the photograph. This results in a legible discrepancy in her works between subjective and objective perception of what is experienced and of herself.

Excerpt "Deleted Scenes" Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal, 2008
Caroline Linssen