Arno Beck, a painting graduate and former master student of Prof. Eberhard Havekost at the Düsseldorf Art Academy, expands the boundaries of fine art across various media in his multifaceted work. The exhibition My Name Is In Your Mouth provides an insight into Beck's artistic work, which has developed from a classic painterly approach to a conceptual understanding of post-digital painting.

Arno Beck's pictures are mainly created through computer-generated image genesis. Over the course of time, he has developed various analog translation mechanisms to transfer these digital image worlds into physical space. The aim of this transformation process is to counter the fleeting nature of digital impressions with an analog, physically tangible form of representation. Beck regards the use of digital technology in his work as a matter of course and necessity, not as a break with existing conventions. This gave rise to the need to make the digital screen representations tangible. As a painter, he creates a connection between digital and physical space, whereby the surface structure and haptics play a decisive role. The artist's hand intervenes exactly where the machine claims its area of competence. The handwork undermines the perfection of the machine, and the apparent error becomes a conceptually important part of the production process.

My Name is in Your Mouth is an invitation to reflect on the relationship between digital and concrete space, an exploration of the possibilities of enlivening and auratizing cool digitality through manual interventions. The exhibition sees itself as a performative, manual process of realizing pictorial objects that originate from a sphere of accelerated image reception. Beck combines techniques of representation and motifs that do not actually belong together, thus creating a materialized, contextual shift in art.