Jonas Grubelnik

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*1978 Gronau
2007–2018 Kunsthochschule Kassel, master class Prof. Florian Slotawa
  Lives and works in Kassel

Grants / Scholarships

2020 Kunstinitiative 2020/21 der EKHN​
2017 Rundgangspreis der Universitätsgesellschaft Kassel e. V.

Solo exhibitions

2021 Lab, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
  Die Anderen, Marktkirche, Wiesbaden
2020 Homework, Online, Kassel
2018 Sandmann lieber Sandmann, Stellwerk, Kassel
2017 Gadamer, Fenster 9, Kassel

Group exhibitions

2020 Singular Plural, Automat, Saarbrücken
2019 Zu Gast im Präsidium #8, Präsidium, Kassel​
  Prince Davis Efevberha & Friends, Tokonoma, Kassel
2018 Eisen, Kunstraum Sauerland, Marsberg
2017 In Sweet Succession: Material Matters, Basis e.V., Frankfurt
2016 no country for old men, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
2015 Bis gleich, bis gleich, Kunstverein am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin
  Interventionen, Regierungspräsidium Kassel
2014 Feucht durchgewischt, Burg Dringenberg, Bad Driburg

Jonas Grubelnik works in layers. The materials he superimposes distance themselves from the classical means of painting. The optical properties, materiality, form and color, are rethought. They tell their own story and integrate in themselves temporal and spatial sensation. In Grubelnik's works, substances meet layer by layer. They are often preceded by extensive material studies - investigation of chemical properties or cultural attributions and analogies. Conversation arises through combinations and cognitive association in the viewer. The individual works do not want to be categorized, whether painting, object or installation, does not matter to them. In particular, they want to be viewed from the side. The usual view, the practiced art encounter, is broken.