Erde Wind

Hirofumi Fujiwara

Vernissage 17. September, 6–9 pm
18. September – 15. October 2021

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Hirofumi Fujiwara's bronze figures, pre-modeled in clay, stand and sit in the space that surrounds them, at rest in themselves, their bodies seeming alive, their faces delicate. 

These are his first bronze works, and in the development process it was especially important to Fujiwara to be involved in every step, to be able to give his figures as much love as his unique plastic pieces. Fujiwara applied the light gray patina of each bronze himself - a painterly process that makes each of the figures look different in nuances.

Fujiwara's sculptures, Earth and Wind, are enthusiasts; they bear witness to a romantic longing for the unattainable, they move between worlds. Their contemplative gaze directed into the indefinite, they carry references of Japanese as well as European-Western culture. They seem youthful and yet ageless, androgynous and detached from any stereotypes - isolated from this world, yet anchored in the moment, in being so.

In our ever faster moving, ever modification-oriented society, Fujiwara's earth and wind embody both longing and ideal.

Miriam Schwarz

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