Elisabeth Moch

Exhibition duration
22. October – 23. November 2021

Elisabeth Moch's works play with the role of folk art as well as domesticity within a digital, networked and hypercultural world. Smoothness and chaos, machine production and craft, visionary and nostalgic, as well as the relationship of the individual to the community materialize in her works. Dealing with craft techniques and genres, such as weaving, carving and a specially developed form of reverse glass painting, she creates sculptural pictorial objects, stages spaces and deliberately mixes organic with inorganic materials for this purpose. In the Lab, the artist shows pictorial objects that she applies and molds onto a glass plate using a technique similar to reverse glass painting, as in a monotype process.

Here, the technical-male connotation of the material fiberglass, which is used industrially for shipbuilding and aircraft construction, space travel, and digitization and represents a basic building block of modern networking, meets clichéd feminine connotations reminiscent of decoration and domesticity.