Daniele Dell'Eva


*1989 in Hettstadt
2010–2013 Training as a wood sculptor, Municipal Vocational School for the Wood Sculpting Trade, Munich
2013–2019 State Academy of Fine Arts, Karlsruhe, master student Prof. Stephan Balkenhol
  Lives and works in Würzburg

Grants / Scholarships

2012 1st prize class competition, theme: Man's image, Dannerstiftung and Wood Sculpture School, Munich
2011 1st prize class competition, theme: Illustration Dannerstiftung and Wood Sculpture School, Munich
2010 1st prize class competition, theme: sound body, Dannerstiftung and Wood Sculpture School, Munich

Solo exhibitions

2018 GGGift, Unterurban Projektraum, Berlin
2017 Watchlist I/2017 , Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg

Group exhibitions

2020 The fragile Edge Majolika Galerie in Karlsruhe
  Covid19 Diaries Lovaas in München
2019 Uncommon Collection TGB Art-Window in München
  Top-19 Meisterschüler in der Sammlung der Städtischen Galerie Karlsruhe
2018 Nachts allein im Atelier #5, Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg
  Ingredienti, Luis Leu in Karlsruhe
  Bor.astat, Offspace in Berlin
2017 Regionale 18 OOO Object Oriented Ontology, Kunsthalle Basel
  Knotenpunkt 17, Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg
  171 Jahre Kunst in Hamburg, Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg
2016 Veni Vidi, Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg
  Körper 2.0, Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum in Hilden
  Des Freundes Neue Kleider, Villa Gellertstraße Offspace in Karlsruhe
2015 Bes3tzt, Ciao Studierenden Gelerie auf Zeit in Karlsruhe
  Muggesturm am Müggelsee, Galerie alte Schule in Berlin
2014 Schöne neue Welt, POLY Produzentengalerie in Karlsruhe


Daniele Dell'Eva's preferred means of expression is undoubtedly sculpture, his favorite material is wood with all its material properties, shapes and coloring. The play between disassembling and (re)assembling, the application and removal of individual layers are at the center of his artistic work. The naturalistic head sculptures are created without a model or pattern. They are by no means to be understood as portraits, but rather the product of an imaginary world of the artist's thoughts. As soon as Dell'Eva imbues them with life by virtue of his work, this marks the end of a multi-layered creative process.