Maybe I am Barking Up The Wrong Tree – But We'll See!

Lukas Glinkowski

Flying Opening 28. May, 4–9 pm
29. May – 31. July 2021


In his solo exhibition, LUKAS GLINKOWSKI deals exclusively with the mirror as a material and projection surface. A visual mash-up is presented: striking quotations from music, art history, comics, and urban space are found on the unusual image carrier. On superficial inspection, the garish colors in contrast with the smooth material might remind one of the remnants of a Berlin party night. The intense look in the mirror and at the motifs, on the other hand, confronts the viewer with himself and the questions of life, which the artist hints at in scraps of words and symbols on the reflective painting surface.
Glinkowski's art is close to life; it creates space for a play with habits of seeing and thinking. Even if each work is associated with the artist's own idea, each context of meaning may and should be opened up individually by the viewer.

The catalog accompanying his exhibition, his first comprehensive monograph, provides a complementary insight into his world of images.

The exhibition and publication is sponsored by Neustart Kultur of the Federal Government from Stiftung Kunstfonds.

Exhibition views