Laura Sachs

Flying Opening 19. March 2021, 16–21 Uhr
20. March – 21. April 2021

Going beyond the two-dimensional limits of the canvas, Laura Sachs stretches the concept of painting and combines material lightness with industrial hardness. She strains the materials with dust particles and paint residues, uses the back of the canvas as a pictorial motif, and integrates thin metal rails that extend beyond the edge of the picture support. As a former master student of Gregor Schneider, the one who takes space as a subject in art at its word, she transfers spatial perception into painting. Through her technique of applying paint, the artist refers to the place where it was created; with her fabric and metal elements, her painting comes closer to the viewer and creates new pictorial spaces through the strong lines. Like parts of a plain picture frame, the strips make their way across the color-reduced surfaces, offering a new interpretation of abstract expression.

Louisa Wombacher