Vernissage 24. March, 6–9 pm
25. March – 5. May 2023

Lev Khesin's series Redundancy deals with the interplay between the material and the non-material. In his painting, it is the intangible light that penetrates his semi-transparent works and is reflected from their surface. The colored layers shine through, flicker and glow. A single ray of light can make a deeper color glow. 

The edition photographically documents the process of mixing the liquid dyes. Later they are added to the silicone, yielding the colored layers of his works. In the lenticular prints, the incident light is refracted through a grid of transparent vertical lenses. Depending on the position taken in front of the work, either the actual motif, a negative of it, or a mixture of both is visible. The image does not remain static, but becomes interactive. The translucent is thereby the tangible - the work as a light conductor that no longer refers to itself, but to the non-material.