The oeuvre of artist Wolfgang Flad is characterized by his unique approach to surfaces and dimensions. Flad's works, including abstract aluminium reliefs and colourful mirrored wall pieces, are characterized by subtle layering and gradual change. This incremental evolution reflects not only the artistic process of creation, but also the continuous change that takes place over time. 
Through the use of different materials and techniques, Flad creates a visual experience that invites viewers to experience the works from different angles and discover the slowly unfolding complexity. His artistic practice plays with light and shadow, textures and illusions, creating a fascinating dynamic. By using glass and aluminum as central elements of his works, Wolfgang Flad explores the boundaries between transparency and opacity, gloss and dullness, creating a tension between opposites.
The exhibition Incremental Drift explores this very tension and offers an insight into Flad's multi-layered artistic vision in the interplay of the incremental mutability of materiality.