Form Spiel

Clemens Behr, Anina Brisolla, Brad Downey, Hannah Hallermann, Karsten Konrad, Katharina Trudzinski, Marta Vovk

Curated by Jan Kage

04. February – 25. March 2022

Everything beautiful comes from the game. The form is the result.
Play is one of the most original human activities. Essential and fundamental insights and inventions are owed to it. This applies to philosophy and technology, and above all to the arts, which open up new paths.
The wheel was not invented in order to transport loads with it, but because of its pure beauty. Because it imitates the sun as a primeval form. It was a cult object. Its function was later derived from its round shape: rolling and moving. Form follows function, sure, but first the function follows the play. Research means to try, to deduce, to playfully feel one's way forward.
Man finds intentionally in the search and by chance in play. New forms, combinations, color constellations, associations - all these are also found playfully. And since they are found and recognized as beautiful by the person playing, the results are always individually characterized. Beauty also always lies in the individual deviation from the common norm. This is the intrinsic quality of art.
Form Spiel (engl. Form Play) is a collection of different, current, mostly sculptural positions by artists living and working in Berlin, compiled by Jan Kage, director of the art space SCHAU FENSTER and the gallery Kanya&Kage.