Anna Nezhnaya

Vernissage 11. May, 6–9 pm
12. May – 3. June 2023

With a biographical background in graphical arts and art history, Anna Nezhnaya explores traditional imagery in the context of the present. She explores sacred places in everyday life, spiritual currents in the Western world and their transformation in the recent past. To this end, she combines digital drawings and painting with light art to create a visual experimental field from which her iconic neon sculptures emerge. Nezhnaya's works oscillate between objectivity and abstraction, and between manual and digital practices. Her approach often deals with concepts of identity in the post-internet age. Through her paintings and light objects, she seeks to make the fine line between physical and virtual reality artistically productive. As a student of the painter Andrej Golder, she also develops experimental painting techniques to innovatively design surface structures. In her signature works, the artist reflects on aspects of a grotesque feminism and explores images of femininity from the realms of mysticism, metaphor, and contemporary culture.