Olga Jakob

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*1985 Kiew, Ukraine
2009–2015 Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe
2012 School of Art Berlin Weissensee
2014–2015 Masterclass, Prof. Helmut Dorner
  Lives and works in Cologne

Grants / Scholarships

2020 Neustart Kultur Scholarship, Stiftung Kunstfonds
2019 Kalinowski Grant, Stiftung Kunstfonds
2018 EHF 2010 Scholarship, Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation
2016 Staff Foundation Award
2015 Postgraduate Scholarship, Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe

Solo exhibitions

2022 - ma -, Galerie Alber, Cologne
2021 Mottenvögel & Sonnenschwärmer, Public Space Galerie Nina Mielcarczyk, Leipzig
2019 the last word (with Tim Bohlender), Einraumhaus c/o, Mannheim
close by, Zero Fold, Cologne
2018 ZWSBN, Zweisieben Space, Karlsruhe
2017 macula (with Tim Bohlender), Galerie Martin Mertens, Berlin
Between Black and White, Ausstellungsraum für Brauchbarkeit, Cologne
2015 Mobiles Museum, Kulturfestival Pforzheim

Group exhibitions

2022 Mixed Media, Evelyn Drewes | Galerie, Hamburg
  Architektur der Unbeständigkeit, Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg
2021 salondergegenwart, Springer Quartier, Hamburg
  something beautiful festival, LaVallée, Brussels, Belgium
  Ganz viel Jeden Tag, Byvier, Cologne
  takeover #2, Kunstverein Lüneburg
  ROTE NEON, Maquis Mami Wata, Mannheim
  It can be difficult to thread cotton through a needle, Artists Unlimited Galerie, Bielefeld
2020 You are here, Kunsthaus NRW Kornelimünster, Aachen
  Netz Werke, Gallery CRONE, Vienna, Austria
2019 Ketter und Schuss, VIER, Michael Horbach Stiftung, Cologne
  material touch, basis Projektraum, Frankfurt
  Blanko, theBank, Cologne
  Ruberl Projektraum Pförtnerhaus, Freiburg
  Ain’t No Use, Crybaby, Berlin
  Remmidemmi, Raumbaart, Mainz
2018 Taking Turtles for a Walk, Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg
  Fiocco bianco, Kunstverein Germersheim
  how beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken, Kunstverein Paderborn
2017 100 Jahre Oktoberrevolution, Universität der Künste, Berlin
2016 Was tun mit der Zeit, Kunstverein Freiburg
  Shades of Grey, Kunst Raum Riehen, Switzerland
  Serendipity Park, Kunstverein Offenbach
2015 Übermorgenkünstler, Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden
  TOP15, Kunstverein Reutlingen
  stitch show, Driveway 327 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2014 Flumen, La Kunsthalle Mulhouse, France

Close by, Close up, close... Proximity, approaching, being close, being confronted, immersing, discovering, perceiving. Olga Jakob's works demand to get 'closer', to study them, to feel their structure with the eyes, to trace them. Her works challenge the viewer to get to the bottom of their materiality, to recognize the individual materials in the works in their interweaving, in order to reflect on them as a whole and to speak about them, and in this way to 'draw new threads'.
Textiles, fabrics, paper, colors are the most important protagonists in Olga Jakob's works. They are almost exclusively textile materials that every human being is confronted with on a daily basis. We are surrounded and enveloped by textiles, with an immediacy that for Jakob is the starting point of her artistic work.
Remnants of industrial textiles, old advertising brochures, products of our fast-moving everyday culture thrown out in great masses and often deemed meaningless again in a very short time.
Olga Jakob takes up this visual and textile inundation of the current consumer industry by confronting textiles with a new aesthetic appreciation, entering into a critical debate with them and finally generates a new context and a different meaning for them in her pictorial works.
Space, in-between space, opening or closing spaces, surfaces, backsides, content and envelope, foreground and depth dimension. The works combine within themselves an immense range of visual impressions and explore diverse sculptural reinterpretations of the classic painting on stretcher. Gauze fabrics, interwoven with fine textile threads, form one of the current groups of works in Jakob's oeuvre. Depending on the color and treatment and highly dependent on the changing incidence of light, these large-format textile color surfaces appear fragile and sensitive or expressive, massive and dynamic in themselves.
The base fabric is crisscrossed by wave-like, brilliantly iridescent lines. They wind past 'open windows' created by separating the woven-in fiber strands from the gauze fabric. In this way, spaces are created that almost magically attract the viewer and raise questions about the 'behind' or the 'in-between'.
The works in which Jakob exposes larger areas of the transparent gauze fabric and in this way plays with spatial and pictorial dimensions are reminiscent of spatial installations by the US artist Robert W. Irwin. Through the transparency of the fabric, the works create an illusion of space and interstice, for which the gauze functions as a membrane between appearance and reality.
By using a wide variety of materials, formats, and colors, the artist's works sometimes have more of an installative, a painting, or a sculptural, almost sculptural character. This is particularly evident in the group of monochrome image reliefs. Jakob works these reliefs out of fabrics covered with tissue paper soaked in paste from recycled papers. The 'inside', the 'skeleton' of the respective picture is covered, veiled, preserved and protected as if by a skin by the sensitive and fragile-seeming paper layer.
In these works, too, the essence of Jakob's works becomes clear in that they address to the viewer questions about materiality, spatiality and everyday culture that have become plastic.

Pia Nika Dziedzitz