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Mike MacKeldey&Ellen DeElaine

"Wer hat Zerg:Rasa's Hazenfuß versteckt?"

September 14th - November 1st
Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, September 14th, from 6 to 9 pm


Inbetween derailed highlands and Mariana Trench
Frog joy:
Horses in the sky up to dwarf: Rasa.
Creatures waiting, lurking like cats in the bush, patiently in the light like little dinosaurs for mosquitos.
Bloodhounds, turning to beasts, violate                                                       oceeean bed principles.
Layer upon layer. MacKeldey upon DeElaine.  DeElaine upon MacKeldey.
About a flight in wine.
Beneath a soldified layer of milk.
In a.......in an awful cuckoo clock finger puppet (hidden).

The girl has gone to the dogs.
The idiot to the dragonfly.

Kunst fliegt


As enigmatic and mysterious as these lines, playful and rife with discoveries … so too are the paintings by Mike MacKeldey & Ellen DeElaine. Sheet-metal miniatures roll through lonesome forests. Colourful planes – taken from a fun fair – pass skyscrapers far in the distance. Beautifully glossed pictures recall memories of childhood. If there only weren’t these strange creatures which are up to no good.

 Who is Rasa the dwarf? What cheers a frog? And how did the girl befriend the dog?