vis a visvis a vis

Great 10 year anniversary

Venue Barlach Halle K – Hamburg

vis à vis
Opening reception: September 7th, 7 - 10 PM
Run-time: September 8th - September 15th 2018

Frank Badur, Leiko Ikemura, Lev Khesin, Tobias Köbsch, Michael Peltzer, Ute Pleuger, Achim Riethmann, Arno Rink, Johannes Spehr, Robert Sturmhoevel, Ekkehard Tischendorf, Michael van Ofen

The title is program: with "vis à vis" an exciting encounter is initiated in the Barlach Halle K - a reunion between former pupils and their teachers. The former students have now paved their way in their own, individual way into the art world. A path that has taken one more, the other less influenced by his mentor. The self-discovery process of young artists is one of the central challenges of art studies in addition to artistic practice. Breaking away from the creative role model becomes a balancing act between self-discovery and emancipation. This ongoing, individual process is reflected today in the broad spectrum of artistic creation. The career and training with a renowned teacher play a decisive role in artistic development on the national and on the international art marke . Thus, the study can prove to be a predicate that opens doors, but also stirs up expectations.

With the encounter between gallery artists and their former professors, the group exhibition creates a juxtaposition, a coexistence and a togetherness that reflects this balancing act of each artist's biography. Thus, the exhibition unites different artistic positions, concepts and approaches by putting into dialogue both the work of the gallery artists and the works of academy professors.