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Robert Vellekoop


February 2nd - March 7th 2018
opening reception for the artist: February 1st, 6 PM 

Robert Vellekoop's painting manages the balancing act between abstraction and figurativeness with a remarkable ease. Without having to choose a side, he creates images that approach in the form of monotone still lifes and landscapes of a radical reduction pictograms.

A repetitive motif can be found in the luminous lanterns, the icing on the road edges and their light seems to defend against the chilling cold environment. The locations, which are characterized by a monochrome background, have an almost dystopian character and thus manage, despite their enormous abstraction, to evoke a strong emotion in the viewer.

Unusual is also the substrate on which Vellekoop's work is created. He works with blockboards on which he applies several layers of acrylic and varnish, only to remove, paint, sand and varnish. The structure of the wood that serves as the image ground leads to an unpredictability and randomness that seems to stand in contrast to the systematic image structure. However, just this connection creates a surreal moment that could not be further from a pictogram.

(Nele Müller)