Und die Welt war in OrdnungUnd die Welt war in Ordnung
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Melanie Siegel

"Und die Welt war in Ordnung"

Vernissage on April 05, 20196 - 9 pm
Duration of the exhibition: April 06 - June 07, 2019

My works show the focused view of two pictorial worlds: on the one hand the order of architectural and geometrical structures, on the other hand the proliferating vegetation and the original world of plants. The images depict the domesticated interventions of humans in the landscape and the restoration of urban structures by nature. It deals with the threshold areas of the landscape space with their inputs, exits and demarcations and thus with the cultural and social inscriptions that make the natural space into a landscaped and conquered cultural landscape through the complexity of human creativity and being.

Seen is always the starting point of my work and the subjects are not rare finds from my immediate surroundings. Google Maps allows me to re-explore these familiar areas using the reverse perspective. In the painting process, the discovered is extended, alienated and redefined by the associate. The aim of this dialogue is not to imitate the actual situation, but in the commute between image and personal imagination to work out the essence of things, in order to get closer to the actual, for me important image moment.