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Chimera Collective, Lukas Glinkowski, Christian Holtmann, Florian Huber, Penny Monogiou, Franziska Reinbothe

31. Juli – 09. September 2020

The exhibition Umformung (engl. transformation) is a reaction to current events. Reflecting the time that influences our lives in different ways, we present works of art that are shaped by it or applicable to it. The exhibition focuses on a process that is not yet completed, which is in the midst of change and development.

In the work of Lukas Glinkowski fragments of human rights are processed, quoting the Westhafen train station in Berlin. In autumn 2000, the Belgian artist Françoise Schein Schein inscribed the high wall surfaces behind the tracks with 20 chapters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 2017 graffiti sprayers partially sprayed over the tiles, which is the occasion for Glinkowski's work. The basic legal text fades into the background, as can also be observed in society.

Christian Holtmann deals with the changing times. He playfully picks out the announcement "The New Times" and finds resonance both in the historical reference and in the current debate. In his allusion he focuses on the USA, where this struggle for a turnaround is evident in riots and demonstrations. Do they really represent a turning point and if so, where does "The New Times" lead us? Do they have the power to hold a mirror up to us and turn everything upside down?

Social criticism is the thematic core of Florian Huber's works, which finds a current reference especially through questioning the transitoriness. But even though the materials of the works and their appearance are so different, the conceptual artist always remains true to himself in his choice of themes. Florian Huber devotes himself to conversion on the basis of the question of when a thing is no longer a mere object, but part of a work of art.

In the works of Penny Monogiou, which refer to flags, a closer look reveals that they are collections of small objects. Political and social grievances find room for interpretation here, such as the jelly babies arranged in waves as the theme of the refugee crisis. 

Franziska Reinbothe uses the concept of transformation for her works, which find a new form in the process. The classical canvas is stretched, folded, broken and cut up in order to finally obtain a new appearance. The description acrylic on canvas suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.

"The feeling of having missed something" occupies the artist collective Chimera. It is particularly concerned with the socio-cultural changes brought about by recent measures. In the form of neon signs, they point out the absence of meetings, trips or events and thus create a moment of pause - Have we really missed something?

The works of the artists* have the function of a commentary on the transformation we are going through.