TischendorfRemmers Watchlist
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Jens-Ole Remmers

"Watchlist I/2015" Part II

February 7th - May 2nd 2015
(extended with new works)


There are many small and fast optical messages, which pile up together and create a big coloured picture. Although these colourful boxes can be found in every supermarket, nobody will realise their creative potential. For the artist the boxes are a goldmine. From the found nuggets he forms an own and trendy currency.

The colourful world of "BRANDS" remind of a choreographic showing, in which "Pink Lady", "Pambo", or "Fabio Antonelli" can be found. A collection of names, that are worthy representative for a popsong-playlist or an hollywood-filmproduction. Out of the medium "transportbox" with advertisement, there will be create the purpose by itself.