Robert SturmhoevelRobert Sturmhoevel
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Robert Sturmhoevel

"peccadillo (frame) tales"

March 4th - April 1st 2016
Opening reception: March 3rd, 6pm



Metal toys, dolls, spinning tops, soft animals - these are Robert Sturmhoevels’ preferential picture motives and at the same time main themes of his artworks. Toys as attribute and symbol for the past times, recollections of the childhood, expectations of the, expectations of current events, the actual reality, as well as disappointed or achieved wishes. Imagined reviews to the childhood are brought out in Sturmhoevels work and are fortified with idealised illusions. A spotless polished up choice of toys on monochrome, pastel or dark background, show affectionately the facet of past times. Robert Sturmhoevel emphasizes the material culture of these toys and puts the objects in the centre of his works. Detached by the borders of the canvas the reminiscent fragment freely floats in the abstract space. Exclusively a coloured blow shade which is led by a striking brushstroke flattens the object in a certain space. The shining surface of the painting combines with a rusty crust or greasy mud which has sat down on the objects. The idealised values of the material object "toy" are dissolved and maneuvered in a temporal dimension of the use as well as the shutdown. In the focus of his creative processes there are the possibility of a narrative language. In fragmentary working processes he sketches these big scenarios and smaller picture series which are piled up in levels and in which is a high atmospheric density. An oppressive mood is provoked between closeness and foreignness. By first-class friendly, kitschy and simple style which is a strong contrast to the open evil-charged narration, the language of an ambiguous meaning is intensified. Traditonal, figurative painting serves him as a formal entrance in ambivalent picture worlds.