Portraits BerlinSalon
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Michael Peltzer, Nadine Wölk, Tobias Köbsch, Till Julian Huss, Mike MacKeldey


September 26th - November 14th
Opening reception for the artist:
Thursday, September 25th, 6pm


Probably the painting or drawing of portraits is as old as art itself. Numerous famous painters, graphic artists and sculptors - later then also photographers - have dealt extensively with portraits and thereby contributed to the development of a large representation of diversity. The portraiture has won, particular since the 17th century, greatly in importance. The National Portrait Gallery - a museum opened in 1856 in London -exclusively shows portraits. It houses portraits of historically important and famous British people. Besides, the choice of the portraits occurs on account of the meaning of the portrayed, not of the artist who has created the work.

To the artists
of the exhibition "Portraits" in the Evelyn Drewes | Gallery however it does not depend on fame of the illustrated person. Although Michael Peltzer portrayed - e.g as part of his series Beat Girls - again and again well known personalities, he abstracts so strong that an assignment is usually not succeed without knowing the template. Nadine Wölks templates come from her private circle of friends and accordingly show young people in everyday situations. Tobias Koebsch veils the faces of his subjects even with cloths or bags and reduces the subject so that its shape (the term portrait comes from the French portrait = bust). In his portraits of the series "enlightenments" Till Julian Huss portrays women from his environment in the posture of models from famous works of art and with respect to the model modified light situation. It is not also for Mike MacKeldey about a lifelike or idealised picture. Rather his representations are blurred by the thickly applied colour, are destroyed and paints. The artist often scratches or scrawls in the still humid colour intuitively invented texts or drawings which deal in ironic manner with the work.