Nachts allein im Atelier #6Nachts allein im Atelier #6
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"Nachts allein im Atelier #6"

Nicole Baumfalk, Marion Fink, Hirofumi Fujiwara,
Christian Holtmann, Lou Hoyer, Florian Huber,
Steffen Kern, Johannes Kersting, Lev Khesin,
Sebastian Maas, Michael Peltzer, Achim Riethmann,
Janina Roider, Robert Sturmhoevel

Exhibition opening November 22, 6–9 pm
November 23, 2019 - January 20, 2020

At the end of the year we indulge in the many beautiful memories and at the same time feel an excitement and curiosity for the year 2020. "Nachts allein im Atelier" enters its sixth round and presents old acquaintances and new faces of the gallery. 14 artists present their latest works in a multi-faceted and lively exhibition.