Nachts allein im Atelier IVNachts allein im Atelier IV
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Künstler der Galerie

"Nachts allein im Atelier IV"

November 24th - January 20th 2018
Opening reception November 23th, 6 PM

Artists: Li-Wen Kuo, Lev Khesin, Christian Holtmann, Marc Podawczyk, Hirofumi Fujiwara, Ekkehard Tischendorf, Michael Peltzer, Nadine Wölk, Johannes Kersting, Robert Sturmhoevel, Tobias Köbsch

The Evelyn Drewes Gallery is looking forward to presenting its annual closing exhibition "Nachts allein im Atelier IV" (“In the studio at night alone IV”) for the fourth time. The artists of the gallery are going to display a selection of their new work.

The focus of the exhibition will be on contemporary painting, reflecting also the artistical focus of the gallery. While thinking of the concept of contemporary painting, limitations can occur quickly, the artistic output again reveals the variety and creativity of interpretation.

As different as the artists seem at first sight, what unites them is a familiarity with the rooms of the gallery. They know how the light strikes and where the first glance of the visitor falls. They know their strong surfaces, prominent walls and corners, but also the ones that are less easy to use. They know where a canvas shines and where an installation has to be set. To share this space with each other, to use the accumulated experiences and to create a gentle harmony of their artistic positions, is part of the concept.The year is approaching its end, the light is getting paler and the night puts a firm brace around the day, creating the space and the peace for the artists to reflect their work.

The gallery is becoming again a groupstudio of its artists and is happy to know them all at home.