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„Made in Germany“

Premiering Young German Art in London

Christian Holtmann, Till Julian Huss, Mike MacKeldey & Ellen DeElaine, Michael Peltzer, Robert Sturmhoevel, Nadine Wölk

23rd - 30th November
Open Daily
Monday - Saturday 11am - 8 pm
Sunday 12 pm - 5 pm

Private View: 22nd November , 6 pm - 9 pm (invite only)
(Please register:

Blackall Studios
73a Leonard Street - Shoreditch


In co-operation with the London-based agency HolisticBoogieCoasters, the art gallery PopArtPirat based in Berlin and Hamburg is, for the first time, exhibition young contemporary German artists in Great Britain.

Christian Holtmann (42). Holtmann was a masterclass student under Prof. Karin Kneffel at the Academy of Arts in Bremen. His visual language ranges from photorealism to Pop Art, Comics and Graffito. He “appropriates public imagery, strips it of transitoriness and topicality, distorts conventional patterns, gives rise to brittleness, inserts nuances and ambivalence and thus imbues what is mass produced with new, individual and sustainable valence” (Dr. Rainer Beßling).

Till Julian Huss (29). Huss was a masterclass student under Prof. Michael van Ofen at the Art Academy in Münster. Both distance and proximity are created in Huss’s paintings due to a complex and layered technique. He paints pictures of pictures – representations of representations – simulacra. At the object level, a second-order reality is created and thus an emotional distance to the events portrayed.

Mike MacKeldey&Ellen DeElaine (39&30). As enigmatic and mysterious as these lines, playful and rife with discoveries … so too are the paintings by Mike MacKeldey & Ellen DeElaine. Sheet-metal miniatures roll through lonesome forests. Colourful planes – taken from a fun fair – pass skyscrapers far in the distance. Beautifully glossed pictures recall memories of childhood. If there only weren’t these strange creatures which are up to no good. DeElaine studied under Prof. Rissa, Prof. Markus Lüpertz and was a masterclass student under Reinhold Braun at the art academy in Düsseldorf.

Michael Peltzer (35). Peltzer was a masterclass student under Prof. van Ofen at the art academy in Münster. The motifs of Michael Pelzers paintings appear to spontaneously arise from the flow of colour without having been planned. An explosive force in the substance of the materials worked with would appear to refer extra-pictorially: object, shape, landscape. But the materiality of colour creates an immediacy that foregrounds the mode of painting rather than what is portrayed. The motif develops out of the material.

Robert Sturmhoevel (29). In his newer, small-scale works multiple narrative layers overlap – painting is obviously foregrounded, while the narratives characteristic of bigger works dissolves into spontaneous gestures and repetitive patterns. Sturmhoevel is studying at the art academy in Kassel.

Nadine Wölk (33). Wölk was a masterclass student under Prof. Martin Honert at the academy of fine arts in Dresden. Nadine Wölk hardly ever paints elders, but always like-minded individuals. Her portrays make believe as though what is told has long since become present and is thus past. With fast acrylic strokes, she modulates and conducts a harsh rhythm into her paintings: shimmering life in the depth of pictorial space as well as stark highlights in the front row. All moments, snapshots in the night.