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Tobias Köbsch


October 26th - January 18th


A painted conflagration on a dreary façade of houses, messages on delimbed tree trunks, a flag with a pink eagle in a somber grove, masked agents in an Alpine landscape, saints or shamans of a seemingly unknown religion. Sacrificial animals. Pieces of the sky. Pieces of rock. Sections of sediment.

The paintings and sculptures by Tobias Köbsch seem like an after-the-fact documentation of mysterious goings-on. Over the course of millennia, a glacier binds material and, tempered by climatic change, releases it into the valley in an avalanche. In this manner, objects are revealed which had so far been hidden.

In the manner of a melting glacier, Tobias Köbsch in his works creates scenarios that have become accessible after an unfathomable event, a mysterious phenomenon or a catastrophe.

The latter feed on subtle hints and irritation. But irritation is a precursor of horror, which is ironically commented upon in the works in an almost unnoticeable manner. They make the impression of being artifacts found in an exactly charted area, cautiously  prepared and catalogued meticulously. But they lose the clarity they would, at first glance, appear to have when viewed longer and leave the viewer – alone and thrown back on themself – behind in the open field.