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Moritz Neuhoff

lab III/2020

19. September – 20. October 2020
Vernissage 18. September 2020, 3–8 pm

In his large-format paintings, Moritz Neuhoff explores a broad spectrum of abstract painting. As in an experimental laboratory, he brings to bear very different ways of dealing with color material and interweaves them in strange constellations. This happens in a confidently distanced manner. Although the impulses of a body, the virtuosity of a painterly hand, the impetuosity of an emotional mind seem to build up the pictorial world in its drive for movement, at the same time a serene intellect is at work, building up mysterious systems of rules, so that the viewer wonders whether the moving painterly life has not been created by human hands, but by a complex machine. What appears from a distance to be an enormous surge of color material is flat when viewed closely, almost just a delicate coloration of the canvas. Everything haptic turns out to be an illusion of complex plays of light and shadow, which have penetrated the canvas almost ungraspably. In this to and fro of the optical illusions, the viewer loses confidence in his own vision. The seemingly haptic painting transforms itself into a virtual event that draws on media experiences of our last decade and processes them visually. Not only the colours in their hues and tones, but also the light and space become intangible or indeterminable. The painterly movements with their multi-layered overlays and changes of levels, the iridescent wandering light and the unnameable, flickering colours create a pictorial event that seems like the appearance of a foreign cosmos, of which we do not know in which dimensions it extends. (Rolf Hengesbach)