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Janina Roider

"What you see is what you get"

March 21st- May 2nd 2015
Opening reception:
Friday, March 20th, 6pm


Elvis, Marilyn, Amy - the given names are enough and familiar images by collective memory are comming up. Marilyn, the blonde with fluttering skirt, Amy, the fallen soul queen. However, do the media pictures which construct myths really conclude by the being of a person? The picturesque answer of Janina Roider is clear: No.

The young Munich painter who has studied in Glasgow and was a master-class pupil of Günther Förg deals exclusively with the most classical type of fine arts: to portrait. She paints people from her sphere, transient superstars up to mythically banked pop and film celebrities.

However, Janina Roider wants to translate by no means real pictures into painting, characterise not the personalities about the portrait only surely and define. On the contrary: her painting formulates a basic mistrust compared with the effigy. Janina Roider transfers various photographic presentations in layers on the canvas - and dissolves with it the putative clarity of the motives. Their often dramatic, powerful painting manner is gestural sometimes, sometimes controls and takes place often in an impulsive painting act on the ground. The tactile quality of the matter, the presence of the colour mixed by Roider even makes the different faces of the ego visible. Thus succeeds the painting in overcoming the narrow-mindedness of the photographic portrait and in indicating the complexity and complexity of the being.

(Text: Adrienne Braun)