Johannes Kersting WatchlistJohannes Kersting Watchlist
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Johannes Kersting

"Watchlist I/2016"

March 4th - April 1st 2016
Opening reception: March 3rd, 6pm


The sky might be bluer elsewhere - but certainly not more monochrome. By beeing reduced to a surface, just like other real objects it at once loses its form, its magnitude and its mutual references. Without any context to the outside, more composition than body to the inside, the objects forfeit their content and remain as colour patches. Watching Johannes Kerstings photograph, we find ourselves forced to constantly check whether the pictured scene can actually be found in that very location.

The reality of the shot and the reality in the shot - that is where the tension between documentation and construction in Kersting's pictures is occuring. Kersting does not feel obligated to choose but prefers to explore means and methods of both. In fact some of his pictures also document the fun of controlled ambivalence, when for instance a clear composition suggests easy legibility even when all reference and scale has been removed, or when a little bird breaks open a sublime geometric ensemble, providing proportionality spatiality and facticity by its mere presence. But behind such playfulness lies a sincere and calm fascination with the sheer dissolvability of reality into pure composition and order. It then becomes unneccessary to ask exactly what the picture represents.