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Robert Vellekoop

Hidden Monuments

19. September – 20. October 2020
Vernissage 18. September 2020, 3–8 pm

Empty streets, dim lantern light, the view out of the window - Robert Vellekoop arranges the objects in his pictures like backdrops on a stage. In his works he devotes himself to abstract representations of urban environments and minimalist still lifes. Streets meet schematic landscapes, lamps illuminate the fictional sceneries with diffuse light.

The elements of these still lifes are reminiscent of simple Bauhaus design, whereby their mode of representation exaggerates the significance of their original function as everyday objects. 

The origin of Vellekoop's works lies in the perception of his immediate surroundings, as well as in the graphic reconstruction from memory. The subjects of his works are in a constantly changing process, which the artist quite consciously understands as an approach without a rigid concept. The arrangements elude precise localization, just as Vellekoop does as a painter who uses both abstract and representational forms of expression.

The artist does not choose a conventional canvas as a picture carrier, but rather blockboards, which take on a special texture through the elaborate application and removal of acrylic paint, as well as repeated sanding and glazing. This procedure creates a very specific color structure which gives his paintings something random and independent.

His sculptures in the function of lamps correspond with the motifs of his paintings and thus offer the possibility to enter Vellekoop's enigmatic visual worlds.