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Anna Fiegen


February 7th - March 22nd 2014
Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, February 7th at 7 pm





The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue.
(click here for pdf)

Atmosphere and mood in her paintings are created by Anna Fiegen by means of both painterly and mimetic reduction. She positions her works between city and landscape and thus between clarity and uncertainty. The reduction of the motivic achieves an increase in atmospheric and mystic expression. This is the consequence of approaching the subject matter in a painterly way; a subject matter which is not of interest depicted fully detailed, but rather convinces as essential element of an entire atmosphere.

Instead the light is of importance, and so is the transition from light to dark, from day to night. For the painting the scene is cleared off all irrelevant details. The fictional landscape turns into merely abstract area with simple proportions.

The consequent absence of human beings in a landscape strongly connected to civilization evolves the mood of loneliness and melancholic worldly isolation. In this way, the overall light towards the viewer is also effective on the viewer himself: he adapts to a feeling of entirety which receives its fictional effect only thanks to the possibilities of painting – changing between area and space, colour and light.

(Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Ullrich)