Daniele Dell'Eva WatchlistDaniele Dell'Eva Watchlist
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Daniele Dell'Eva

"Watchlist I/2017"

February 4th - March 17th 2017
Opening reception: February 3rd, 6pm


This year we're gonna start our exhibitionseries "Watchlist" with a young, emerging artist. Daniele Dell'Eva studies at State Academy of Fine Art Karlsruhe, class Stephan Balkenhol. In summer 2016 he had a big groupshow with his fellow students in the Evelyn Drewes Gallery.

Daniele Dell'Eva's preferred means of expression is sculpting, his beloved material is wood, with all its material qualities, form and colour. The balance between disaggregating and connecting materials, the application and removal of different layers are the central point in producing artworks.

The natural head-sculptors are constitute without any model.They're not only Portraits , but also the result of imaginary, subjective soulrooms.  As soon as Daniele Dell'Eva makes his figures alive, is is the end of his working-process.