Als Phantom hatte ich mich recht gut eingelebtAls Phantom hatte ich mich recht gut eingelebt
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Li-Wen Kuo

"I had settled in quite well as a phantom"

July 03 – July 27, 2020

In modification of a Nietzsche word, one could say that a picture must still carry chaos within itself if it wants to give birth to a world. In many of Kuos's more recent works, the moment when chaos begins to take shape seems to be captured. This equilibrium, this balancing act, which hits exactly the point at which order begins to take shape, is due to extreme precision. But the dynamics that become visible do not obey any deterministic program, any plan of creation. One rather has the impression that matter organizes itself. The dark tones in images such as World, Metanoia, Ancestor, In a Dark Word indicate the depth of the space in which this multiple genesis takes place. Although titles such as Wild Ontology or Preferences of a Hammer also provide for ironic refractions, the larger formats find their counterpart in the larger dimensioned theme. These works can be seen in the
exhibition, which will be held in the rooms of Evelyn Drewes parallel to the "Jetzt!" exhibition in the Deichtorhallen is shown.