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Group Exhibition


(Viktor sammelt Phlox quer über den Sylter Deich, einen Zweig für ein Geburtstagsjahrfünft) - an ABC in painting

Michael BAUCH: A - Heiner BINDING: B - Michel CARMANTRAND: C -Mateo COHEN: D - Gregor CÜRTEN: E - Ruprecht DREHER: F - Isabelle DYCKERHOFF: G - Ingrid FLOSS: H - Laurence GRAVE: I - Manfred HOLTFRERICH: J - Susanne JUNG: K - Dittmar KRÜGER: L - Javis LAUVA: M - Bärbel MESSMANN: N - Paola A. NEUMANN: O - Jürgen PAAS: P - Wolfgang SCHRÖDER: Q - Rolf ROSE: R - Stefan SCHRÖTER: S - Elisabeth SONNECK: T - Regine SPANGENTHAL: U - Rainer SPLITT: V - Angela STAUBER: W – Michael BAUSE: X - James GECCELLI: Y - Uli ZWERENZ: Z

November 8th - December 20th

Opening reception for the artists:
Friday, November 8th, from 7 to 9 pm

Scripture, fonts, texts, words, did not remain a dead letter for the art of painting. Whether on the medieval phylacteries up to fragments of letters in the cubist compositions, from the roman art of ornamented initials to the collages and cuts up of a Kurt Schwitters, in order to mention only a few great names in the history of art, you will easily find a wide range of artists who confronted themselves with the language and with the art of the writting. Modern classical artists as Jasper Johns, Cy Twombly, Roman Opalka, On Kawara or Robert Barry pursue until today this development.

The two curators, Wolfgang Schröder and Michel Carmantrand, offered to their colleagues (mainly non-figurative artists) to see as close they can, how they can manage this exciting question, by focusing each one on a letter. How to paint a letter? Can you paint a letter? How is it possible, with all the constraints and restrictions that this implies, linked to a specific form given a priori, to take advantage in that challenge to paint from a model, after a model, and such a model.

26 artists from Berlin, Köln, Hamburg and München have been invited to take part in this project. After a first show in the Zweigstelle gallery in Berlin, in February 2013, with "Viktor", the gallery Evely Drewes, in Hamburg, will present ALPHABET, an expanded version of the original, and quite an ABC in painting, interpreted from twenty-six different temperaments and artistic ways.