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Hirofumi Fujiwara


September 9th - October 3rd 2017
Opening reception and book launch:
September 8th, 6pm

Hirofumi Fujiwara seeks inspiration by the diversity of people he comes across in daily life. However the artist does not raise claim to arrive at a detailed reproduction through his observation of these multi-faceted personalities. He is rather looking for the details of the different people to collect them for his artistic pursuit. The resulting compilation of character and personality traits that distinguish persons individually and that can be recited from a variety of perspectives serve him as the catalogue of motives for his work. He uses his observations to create figures that are just as individual. Each of the naturalistic sculptures made from clay and plastic differs from the others in small details and is thereby unique in two respects.

A concatenation of random moments – that is how Hirofumi Fujiwara describes the creation of his figures. As he has only the memories of events at hand, he lets himself be guided by the complex work process. There is only a rough notion at the outset of every sculpture. It is entirely ambiguous where the creative journey will take him. Every working step, every decision for or against a certain shaping influences the following steps. The possibility of a variety of interpretative approaches is a  conceptual guideline and major objective of the artist. As with men himself, the figures shall stay unfathomable to a certain degree. It is precisely this multi-faceted and mysterious nature of people that motivates Hirofumi Fujiwara to his figurative works. This aspect is also reflected in the beholder – as different as the recipients are, as diverging will be the statures they perceive, the stories they construct and the interpretations they arrive at. The artist makes this with-and-against of inner and outer qualities a subject of discussion. When the inner life of an inanimate figures seems unfathomable, it is even more fascinating to develop the outward of the sculptures into a story that is completely detached from the ideas of the artist.

Hirofumi Fujiwaras’ latest project is dedicated to “Utopia”. But his sculptures are not models of the future human being, he rather creates figures in a parallel world. The sculptures of this series are linked through the element of veiling, which also clearly differentiates them from earlier works. This aspect of arcane is realized through the use of transparent walls, that surround the figures like a protective wall. It is only upon closer inspection that the individual nature of each figure can be guessed through the plexiglass, silicone or straws. (Elisa Hornacek)