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Johannes Kersting

Things to say

05. February – 12. March 2021

Johannes Kersting has been working with photography and its painterly potential for 15 years. Now the pendulum is swinging back and Kersting, who originally studied painting with Hans-Peter Reuter, is once again devoting himself entirely to working with the brush. This turn makes the occupation with both media appear as a mutually stimulating interplay. At Galerie Evelyn Drewes, new works from this intensive, lock-down-fuelled questioning of painting can now be seen for the first time. The works shown are inspired by several project trips and road trips through the USA - whose romantic potential is additionally underpinned not least by the longing motor of currently restricted freedom to travel. Human relics become forgotten, completely overwrought sculptures in the middle of nowhere. The images oscillate between abstraction and reality. Urban scenes, motel designs, stripped of their meaning and any writing, celebrate the formal exaltation of our will to design.