no country for old mennocountryforoldmen
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Jonas Grubelnik, Diego Sindbert, Robert Vellekoop

"no country for old men"

April 10th - May 20th 2016
Opening reception: April 9th, 6pm

from 2nd June 2016, 6pm
till 21st June 2016

In the centre of the group exhibition "no country for old men" stands the discussion of young artists with the classical medium of painting. Jonas Grubelnik, Diego Sindbert and Robert Vellekoop extend the classical definition spectrum of this representation form with different attempts. Elementary mainstays like colour, form and Materialität are anew thought and moved with modern means. Here, their approaches are understood neither as radical questioning of classical painting even as a revolt against the traditional canvas. Rather three artists aim at an advancement and at change of the medium. The traditional panel painting has long been no more than the status quo of classical painting. Overcoming the two-dimensional image is not to be understood in the examination of contemporary art as a revolutionary liberation. Instead, the break-up of known expressions has developed to a self-evident fact in the employment of modern painting. The newly won freedom of self-evident is used in form of different techniques, different materials, individual approaches and claims. A clear dividing line between painting, object and installation is neither recognizable nor implied. By means of the direct confrontation and desegregation of the artistic positions, the wide spectrum of the contemporary painting becomes evident and new draughts learnable.