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Thorben Eggers

"lab I/2020"

March 21 – April 30, 2020

In his works, the painter Thorben Eggers draws on found pictorial material, which he transfers into an analog, painterly context into eternity. Thorben Eggers plans his works of art on the computer. In this way he transforms a theme from digital to analogue. In doing so, Eggers refers to the transience of images and the respective medium in the digital age. Their content and logic are deeply rooted in the digitality and ideal of beauty of our time. Thorben Eggers paints with oil on moulded canvases, which he constructs independently. This fragmentation of forms emphasizes the figures and achieves a plastic level in the white cube. The paintings are thus located at the interface between painting and sculpture.

In his paintings, Thorben Eggers analyzes the digital image medium in its effect and relevance. The analogy of oil painting contrasts with the fleeting digital. The photorealistic motif merges with the blurred and the shaped, cut canvas to form an unconventional, cool dynamic.

(Wilko Austermann)