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Boris Becker

"Konstruktion - Dekonstruktion | Arbeiten von 1978 - 2014"

May 9th- June 30th 2015
Opening reception:
Friday , May 8th, 7pm


The photographer Boris Becker describes himself as imagefinder. The master-class pupil of the Becher-class, 1961 born in cologne (germany), is one of the most influential photo-artists. Less the symbolic power of the motive rather than the visual impact of the buildings and landscapes are the mainfocus of his work. Becker shoots given objects, without any special production, though interacting documentary. The pictures are evolved from neutral light conditions, specific perspectives and from the principle of sequence.

The exhibition shows an extract of his working series Hochbunker (Bunker) and Konstruktionen (Constructions) from 1978 - 2014.