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Lev Khesin

"Klärt sich das Wasser, werden Fische sichtbar."

June 7th - August 3rd

Opening reception for the artist:
Friday, June 7th, from 6 to 9 pm


With good reason Lev Khesin compares painting with the art of archery or other Zen rituals. As a layer of silicone is applied Khesin focuses solely on this one action. It is a controlled exercise of mental presence and the resulting image is lasting evidence of an accomplished yet long gone meditation.

And has the process brought enlightenment? If one is to explore the term quite literally within Khesin's work, then yes, the light penetrates through the transparent material and coloured layers shine out. They merge and oscillate. A multitude of shades depend on where the viewer is standing or on the time of day. A single ray of light on the painting can cause a deeper colour to glow from within it. That or any other colour may find itself shimmering, diffusing or mysteriously dispersing. Boundaries or rules between the colour fields are never clear for they originate not from space but from depth.

Only on the frayed edges of the canvas can one see evidence of the whole multi layered colour scheme. Only here can one understand the artist's toil and how he envisaged his materials into a form whilst simultaneously permitting his wards to exist within their natural energy of resistance.