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Hirofumi Fujiwara

"Watchlist II/2015"

12. September - 14. Oktober 2015
Vernissage am 11. September um 18 Uhr

Hirofumi Fujiwara is inspired by the variety of people he met in everyday life. These figures constitute the motives of his artworks. By observing these many-faceted personalities it is less about the concrete stamping and the accurate reproduction of optical signs. He is rather in search of different types, characters and personality signs which distinguish every person individually and which are absorbed from different perspectives. Each of the naturalistic sculptures of tone and plastic shows an individual personality, differs in small details from the other and, therefore, is in double regard a unique specimen.

The artist describes the creative process of his figures as a concatenation of random moments. Because no photograph of the observed serves him as a motive, but merely the recollection of the memory, is guided Hirofumi Fujiwara towards the luxurious working process itself. At the beginning of a work the artist has a coarse idea, is inspired by a special type of person. Indeed, at that time he doesn’t know specifically where the creative trip will leads him. Every working step, every decision for the stamping of a figure element influences the next one and therefore the whole figure.