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FSK ab 18

Photography on the border between eroticism and pornography

Vernissage 23. Oktober, 4–9 pm
Flying Opening 24. & 25. October, 2–6 pm
24. October – 22. November 2020

Kate Bellm, Oliver Blohm, Hans-Jürgen Burkard, Asja Caspari, Marieli Fröhlich, Ruediger Glatz, Esther Haase, Peter Hönnemann, Anatol Kotte, Bob Leinders, Bartosz Ludwinski, Jan-Holger Mauss, Andreas Mühe, GABO, Jesus Pastor, Walter Schels, Jacques Schumacher, Maša Stanic, Alfred Steffen, Karin Székessy, Ivo von Renner, Carsten Witte

Photographers from five decades show their interpretations of eroticism in photographic art in the Evelyn Drewes | Gallery. The spectrum of artistic, media and sexual representation is juxtaposed in FSK ab 18 years of age in an interesting dialogue.

The exhibition concept includes the anonymization of the photographic works, so that the visitors cannot see behind which pictures which artists are hidden. In this unusual way the way of viewing is stimulated, especially with regard to the attempts to classify the photographs.

The change in erotic photography, especially the handling of naked skin, beauty ideals, humor, attraction and seduction is treated in the group exhibition. FSK ab 18 raises awareness of the multifaceted, sometimes complex significance of pornographic art. The exhibition is intended to enable the viewer an intensive encounter, beyond gender and sexual orientation. The distinction to pornography is often largely subjective; erotic photography is always in the field of tension between artistic freedom, aesthetics, kitsch, provocation and the offence against "good morals". The boundaries are fluid; the same photo can often be assigned to different categories.