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Michael Peltzer

"Drive me crazy"

21.02.2020, 6 pm

22. February – 18. March 2020

On the occasion of the opening of the new gallery space at the Brandshofer Deich, the Evelyn Drewes Gallery is showing a new series of works by Michael Peltzer. In "Drive me crazy" the painter thematizes iconic cars of film history. From Herbie (1968) the VW Beetle to the Batmobile (1966) - Peltzer has long held a fascination for the motorised four-wheelers from cult films. Anyone familiar with his work knows about the recurring motif of the film still in general as a model for his works. But model drawings also served as research for pictures like Twinkle Little Star, which shows the disturbingly red glowing Plymouth Fury from Stephen King's Christine (1983). In contrast to the film stills of Cindy Shermann, Peltzer is not concerned with breaking down visually pointed cinematic realities, but on the contrary with exaggerating their iconicity.

In view of the current climate debate, the automobile as a protagonist in art cannot be regarded as a contemporary theme - for Michael Peltzer, however, it is the appropriate time to deal with this subject. The automobile industry is in a state of change, it is all about a change of perspective and innovation. In the share economy, the car is already losing its significance as a status object. In the future, it may not even be the outer form that is tangible for the painter that will be iconic, but the applications and functions inside.